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"I joined the US Navy when I was 17 years old. In the summer of 1999, our ship–the Belleau Wood–was returning to our home port of Sasebo, Japan after a half-year in the Persian Gulf when we were diverted to East Timor, Indonesia. Operation INTERFET (International Forces for East Timor) was an UN-led humanitarian-aid and peacekeeping operation with a mission to protect the people of East Timor as they prepared to declare their independence from Indonesia. 


Much of the island was on fire. The smoke was so thick it was difficult to tell night from day. We set anchor and deployed small boats and landing craft carrying marines and sailors to the beach–where we provided fire-fighting support, medical aid, security details, and refugee evacuation. 


Dili harbor is home to a giant statue of Jesus with arms outstretched, embracing the city and bay below. The giant statue of Christ juxtaposed against the backdrop of immense human suffering was heartbreaking. At the same time, I was deeply humbled. I realized no matter what I did from that day forward, I had to be of service to others.


I am immensely privileged to serve others: my clients, my subcontractors, my suppliers, and my family. My team truly enjoys the long-lasting relationships we build. We're not in this for the money; we love our customers, we love to practice our craft, and we love being a part of the human experience. 


We approach everything we do with Grit, Love & Service."

Nate McKeever
Founder & President/CEO
Humboldt County, CA

Dili Harbor with a giant statue of Jesus with arms outstretched.

Our Story

I founded McKeever in 2006 with the lifelong desire to be of service to others.

Nate McKeever is passionate about inspiring and serving others. A lifelong environmentalist, Nate founded and built McKeever Energy & Electric, Inc. dba McKeever to serve customers and Mother Earth alike. Nate is fueled by creating authentic, long-term relationships with his customers.
Nate is a licensed general engineering contractor (Class A), electrical contractor (Class C10) & solar contractor (Class C46) a Journeyman Electrician, a service-disabled veteran of the United States Navy, a graduate of Northwestern University with a Master’s degree in Executive Management for Design & Construction (EMDC) from the McCormick School of Engineering, a graduate of Cal Poly Humboldt with a BS in Industrial Technology with an emphasis in Construction Management, and a Certified Green Builder from Sonoma State University's School of Extended Education. Nate lives in Humboldt County, California with his wife and their two beautiful children.



California Contractor's Licenses: 
A - General Engineering
C10 - Solar Energy
C46 - Electrical
License Number: 965286 

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M.B. McGowan and Associates
250 Bel Marin Keys Blvd. Suite E1
Novato, CA 94949

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Design-Build Industry Association
DBIA Member Number: zalsdhfoaj

Member # 1158750

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McKeever utilizes Sustain.Life - comprehensive sustainability software to track and offset your project's carbon footprint. logo

State of California 
Department of Industrial Relations
DIR Number: 100000004290

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