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Two McKeever employees walking and talking on a solar paneled roof in Humboldt County.

Our Approach

At McKeever, we deploy the Design-Build Fast-Track Project Delivery Methodology (Fast-Track), where the sequencing of construction activities is planned and coordinated to enable some portions of the project to begin construction and some of the critical and/or long, lead-time items to be procured before the design and before full permitting are completed. The purpose is to shorten the time to completion, which can save considerable costs.

Design & Build


Phase 1

Let's establish a trusting relationship, develop your project's criteria and feasibility. Our approach is based upon the Design-Build Industry Association (DBIA) best practices. The Discovery is the first step in every successful McKeever project. 

Phases 2 & 3

During the design phase, we will identify The Owner's Program, secure funding, and develop the design and engineering plan. We will proactively identify and procure items that may need a long lead time to streamline the process. 

We optimize the build phase and protect the Owner from risks. As we execute the plan, we diligently pursue the construction work as designed and scheduled, keeping safety and efficiency as our top priorities.

Operations & Maintenance

Phase 4

Our relationship should last a lifetime. The majority of our projects have a life cycle of greater than 25 years. McKeever can provide all operations and maintenance needs for your facility so that we can ensure your investment delivers returns.

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